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Main Office and Office of Fatina Elkurdi, MSW, RSW:

5 Oblats Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1S 5V9

P: 613-518-1577

F: 613-212-8995

Seeking the services of a therapist is one of the most important health decisions you may make.  The MindLight Collective is a fee based service group of provincially licensed clinicians offering a range of specialized services, backed by the best science. We maintain the highest standard of skills-based approaches by our commitment to reliable and consistent education and consultation with leading experts in the field of psychotherapy. Each of our clinicians particularly specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders and trauma related conditions, including complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders. Together we hope to help clients, especially those with complex treatment needs, obtain the best services for meaningful change in their lives.

Each member of the MindLight Collective works from their own location throughout Ottawa, ON. Please visit each biography for details about each clinician and their location.

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